Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Response to copyright infringement videos

One of the most interesting parts of this video was the history of technology, specifically the internet. It has gone from being a mysterious accessory to a full-blown resource for anything and everything that has to do with life, such as research for schooling, educating oneself, shopping, communicating with people around the world, and more recently social networking and self-promotion. These last two points have become controversial topics in the last couple years. The video pointed out certain companies taking publicly posted photographs of people and using these photos in advertisements without the posters permission. This was and still is a very grey area in the copyright department and the outcome of the case usually depends on the individual situation. Taking copyrighted songs, snippets from movies, television shows, etc. and "remixing" them has also become wildly popular among the youtube video community. Where infringement begins and ends is widely debated, but new videos spoofing or "continuing" previously made material are made and posted to the internet daily, regardless of whether the person who posted the video actually was granted permission from the original creator. I really have no idea where the future of copyright laws are headed... it seems like nothing can be 100% protected anymore.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For this computers foundation assignment we had to create 4 type drawings: and expressive type drawing, a non-representational, a representational, and a six word autobiography. Some of these were more fun for me to create than others... I am not the best with adobe illustrator. At all.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Adventure Time!

My adventure today included my first subway ride in which I was completely alone. I went to Center City to visit my dear friend Richard who is a student at the University of the Arts. The subway was very easy to navigate and I am really glad that I now know my way around. Walking to South Street from Richard's apartment/dorm is also very feasible, which is great! I saw Richard's place for the first time and we had a grand old time walking around Center City and South Street where we came across a few interesting sights and smells...(check out the pictures.) Overall, it was a great Saturday afternoon spent exploring the streets of Philadelphia!